Making Your Own Wood Mulch By Using A Wood Shredder At Home

As stated by Kari Houle in an article on on 19th June, 2016, it’s really easy to handle the garden, and maintain a clean and cultured yard with the use of wood chip mulch. Kari stated that the use of wood mulch helps in two ways; one by keeping the garden weed-free, and another by helping the trees grow faster, and better and healthier. Why this happens is because the wood chips store more air, and thus more warmth. This prevents the base of the trees from getting cold or the garden bed from getting frozen in the winters. You can also create your own wood mulch by simply getting a wood shredder.

How to make your wood mulch by shredding and chipping woods

Making your wood mulch is very easy nowadays and the old dependency on market made mulches can be totally avoided. Many people still go to the mulch yard to buy their mulches, and get packets of wood mulch by paying an amount, which can be totally avoided when you make the same thing with double care and precision in your own home.

You just need to buy or hire a wood shredder, which comes in small as well as a large size. As per the size, their capacity to chip wood varies. Some can take in smaller twigs and sticks of 3-4 inches, while some can chip wood that is 6 inches wide. For large logs and tree trunks there are industrial shredders too, which are generally used in lumber yards. Depending on the wood chips that are naturally collected from your yard or garden, you may choose a shredder. You often clip woods from trees in the garden, and these twigs and stems can be recycled to make the wood chips and finally the mulch.

You will have to feed in the wood stems and twigs once in the shredder to get one shred of the wood. Then you can take time and chip them even smaller. The smaller they are chipped, the better mulch you get. Shred them once more after the first chipping to get a double shred. You may repeat this to get a triple shred too. Depending on your garden bed, and the size of the trees or plants, you can make a double or tripped shred. Finally mix some nitrogen fertilizers and smaller chips of grasses and other parts of the plant to make good mulch.

Advantages of creating your own wood mulch

Making your own mulch would always give you great returns in terms of economy, quality, and waste recycling.

·        The stems and wood clipped from your own garden would not be piled up and wasted. They will themselves act as the raw material for mulching.

·        The mulch can be prepared as per your choice, and you may choose to shred them again till you feel it’s perfect.

·        You can save a lot of money in the longer run by avoiding buying of the mulch, and making it yourself at home

To start with, just get a good quality wood shredder and try this easy process of wood mulch making. Spread them twice a year in your garden to get the best results.