What You Should Ask When Outsourcing SEO

Search engine optimisation is important for all kinds of businesses on the web. The problem is that it isn’t something that everyone can do well. For this reason, many choose to just offshore SEO to actual experts rather than handle the job themselves.

While there are many reliable digital marketing agencies out there, this doesn’t mean you should pick the first one that sounds promising. You have to be selective to avoid being scammed by some shady company.

Here are a few questions you should ask your offshore SEO prospects:

Can you guarantee results?

Anyone who declares they can get you on the number one spot should be avoided. They’re likely using black hat techniques that will eventually get your website penalised. Reputable providers of offshore SEO services will show you their past work and use data metrics like online sales leads. Click here Ryan Deiss

How do you go about things?

Ask them to explain in simpler terms any technical jargon they may be spewing off. With this, you can tell if they really know what they’re doing or talking about. Also, find out what their initial tasks are going to be. Ardor SEO, for instance, runs a website audit to determine current performance.

What will your reports be like?

This is your chance to determine how they communicate with their clients. Know how regularly they will be providing you with updates on your offshore SEO outsourcing campaign. See how they present data too. When their reports don’t make sense to you, confusing times are ahead.

Do you offer other services?

You will want an agency that is capable of catering to your changing needs. Though you may have signed on for a short-term arrangement, you might want to consider a long-term package in the future. They should be able to grow with you and provide you with the same quality of service.

How do you produce content?

Despite what others may say, content is still king. Search-friendly articles containing key terms are crucial for ranking better on Google and for getting read by visitors. Companies who have dedicated writers on staff and can create more than one kind of content are highly preferable.

How much will it cost?

In general, search engine optimisation is not cheap. Expect your pocket to take a hit with even the most affordable SEO services offshore companies provide. Figure out if their packages are worth the rate they’re asking for or not. Just remember that cheap won’t always mean a better offer.

Have you worked with similar businesses?

To know if an agency is capable of handling your project, find out if they have achieved results in the same niche. Take a look at their portfolio and have them explain how they did it. Even if they haven’t had a similar client before, delve into a possible strategy they have in mind for your business.

Depending on your needs, you may have to ask more questions than what has been listed above. The most important point is that you look into the details before you offshore SEO. You’re less likely to have regrets in the future by doing so.

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