Take Your Event To The Next Level With Letters For Hire

If you are planning an event, no matter what type of occasion it is, you can always make it a little bit better in one way or another. Some people achieve this by incorporating entertainment into the show, others by hiring catchy marquees and so on. If you are looking for that x-factor to make your event stand out, you can try some letters for hire Sydney planners have in store these days. Read on to learn more about this.

What are letters for hire?

Letters for hire are large poly plastic 3D print-outs that can be arranged in various formats to create catchy or funny letters, abbreviations or phrases. When you hire these letters, they get delivered to your event venue early morning. The hirer can even set them up for you at the designated points if you agree on this. Otherwise, you can set them up by yourself later on. At the end of the day, your letters for hire Sydney supplier will come and collect them.

Why should I hire these decor letters?

Decor letters for hire are great for a number of reasons:

  • One, they are unique. Very few functions will have these in the entire region. So if your function has them, people will notice and will be impressed. Even you will be wowed.
  • Two, decor letters are fun and playful. You can play around with the letters to create funny words and abbreviations such as ‘WOW’ ‘YOLO’ ‘TAKEN’, etc. Some people also use them to create hashtags and others use them for company names and logos.

What do I get when I hire these letters?

When you hire decor letters, you get a complete alphabet. From this alphabet, you can create your own clever tags or words. You will also be provided with symbols, e.g. ‘&’, ‘?’, ‘!’, ‘””’,’%’, ‘etc’. Some providers will also provide numbers, from 0-10. You can then mix all these up to create your own thought-out ideas. See more at Poly Productions

What options are there?

When you hire decor letters for your event, there are a number of options for you to choose from. One, there is size. You can choose letters of different sizes. The standard is about 1m tall. Others can be as big as 2m tall. A supplier may have 3-4 different sizes to choose from. You can also get the option of different colours. White is the most common. It’s highly visible and it works well for most functions. Others colours such as red, blue, pink or violet may be available as well. The other option you may have is fonts. You can get letters in different fonts. You may also get letters in different cap sizes. You can choose small caps or large caps.

Which events are decor letters ideal for?

You can hire these letters for any given event really. The most common are weddings. They are also really great for parties, e.g. kids’ parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Decor letters can also be hired for use in corporate functions, be it diners, galas or award shows. The applications are limitless.

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