Great Apps are Tantamount for Easier Life

Timeless research, millions of dollars, gazillion heads thinking together, countless trials and testings have gone into the app development company to make them what they are today. These companies have strived with diligence and perseverance to turn our innovative ideas into professional mobile applications. Thus, today we can say that right from cost saving, time efficiency, accuracy, smartness and reduced scope for errors, these apps do it all! They are like buttons to control your daily tasks; sometimes your day to day lives, too.

app development company

Some biggies on the market

There are a few gigantic ones who have made it to the top of the list and provide the most efficient apps and have designed the required types of software to support them. There is a wide number of network providers too, which maintain these apps. The app development company has taken the humble mobile phone and transformed it into an everyday survival gadget.

The fabulous ones

Ask me the best part? Well, no more of ‘create an account to use our website’ demands! Photos are also supported and the app development company is used to designing these.

Another one cool advantage is its automatic syncing! It automatically synchronizes your phonebook and downloads a list of favourites by scanning the phonebook of the user and matching the ones with a list in its own system. Text messages with attached images, geotagging them and receiving a delivery status, seems like this one has left no stone unturned!

Here are a few apps, which have created a buzz on the market:

The Endless racing game-This was designed for an insurance company and was designed in such a way that it brings out the child in you, literally. The objective of the game is to cross a freeway in 60 seconds while avoiding all obstacles that come in between. Gimmicks like no compensation will be given by the insurance company if the car crashes, etc. and are used for promotions.

In the first month itself, the game was downloaded more than 300k times and also raced its way into The Top 25 free iPhone games.

Big apes love blondesThe aim of this iPhone game is to catch the blondes and protect them from their enemies. The game was made even more user-friendly by allowing the player to use only two fingers to complete the mission.

Your nutrition matters-In a world full of ‘smart eating’, technology brought forth this smart app. Right from nutritive values about foods to planning a diet chart that is beneficial to your blood type; this particular app does it all! The best part is that once downloaded, you need not connect with the Internet again to use it. You can play offline.

Public transportation network– How many times have you thought that you should have consulted someone before taking the net route to work, or that newly launched bus service? Wait no more! This app allows its users all the necessary information to make their journey comfortable and hassle free. Planning routes and schedules, calculating fares and checking forecasts, you’ll get every little detail to make your life easier.

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